Privacy policy

What data is collected?

The database of your accounts and passwords is stored locally on your mobile device. Developers do not have access to your credentials, never collect them and do not transmit. QrLogin stores this data in a protected area accessible only to the qrLogin application. Passwords of account are never stored as clear text. Passwords are encrypted by AES256 and the encryption key is stored in the protected area of your smartphone's memory. If you export the credential database to an external file, the passwords are encrypted on another key obtained by the PBKDF2 algorithm from the user-specified password.

QrLogin does not collect any personal information.

After unexpected crashes in the application, the user can send an error report. Error messages do not contain data of accounts. They can contain paths to the file if the error was due to an unsuccessful operation on the files.

The author of the application will be extremely grateful if you will send error reports, if such arise when working with the application. This will help to correct them quickly and improve qrLogin.

The application author does not cooperate and does not transmit any data associated with the qrLogin application to third parties.

Google AdMob

To show ads in the app developers use Google AdMob service. This service can collect additional data for better targeting of ads. Application developers do not have access to this data. With the privacy policy of Google services you can read on Google.

What Android permissions are required?

  • Internet - to send authorization requests or update account settings to web-resources;
  • Camera - for scanning QR codes;
  • Fingerprint - required if you want to use fingerprints to unlock;
  • Storage - It is necessary when import/export the database file to external file for transfer to another device.