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qrLogin is an authentication system based on the reading of the qr code by the mobile phone and the transfer of authentication data via the http / https protocol to the application or to a web resource.

The mobile application qrLogin by reading of a specially generated qr-code allows:

  • To authenticate on a web resource or in an application;
  • To subtract and save account data;
  • To subtract the credentials of the new account, generate a password or key and send these data to the server to complete the registration of this account.

qrLogin is the unique thing you need to enter the web page.

To log in to the web resource, run qrLogin and scan the qr-code in the form of authentication on the web page or in the application.

qrLogin is:

  • Secure storage of passwords;
  • Support for OTP passwords;
  • Ability to generate passwords and OTP keys in the application;
  • Secure export / import of database of accounts with encryption of secret data;
  • Ability to authenticate on the resource even if there is no Internet connection;
  • Adding a new account by scanning of qr-code;
  • Protection of access to the program and authentication data using a fingerprint or PIN options;
  • Support for Android and iOS devices;
  • Absolutely free full-featured version for Android and iOS;
  • Simple integration with web resources and applications.

To operate with this authentication system the web resource needs only to place the following qr-code that contains the URL for authentication and a unique session identifier in the authentication form. The mobile application will open the specified URL and will pass authentication data.


The program qrLogin stores data for authentication, therefore it provides protection of access both to the program and data itself.

You can choose the most convenient way for you to protect your data.

If you are absolutely sure that no one has access to your phone and cannot use it to authenticate on protected resources, then you can avoid the usage of the built-in application protection.

If there is no such assurance, then the application contains the following security mechanisms:

  • access by a fingerprint:

    • to launch the program
    • access to settings
    • log in to a resource or the record of user´s data
  • access with the usage of PIN code:

    • to launch the program
    • access to settings

If your mobile phone contains a fingerprint reader, we strongly recommend you to use fingerprint protection, at least to protect your authentication and user account data. This usage not only does not complicate the authentication process, but also excludes the possibility of access by another person on your behalf.

Additionally the application contains another option to disable authentication credential- the user data list has AUTO mode for each record separately so that you may switch it on for authentication to NON-critical resources for you.

Privacy policy for application

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The Documentation for embedding qrLogin in your web resource can be found here.


A simple example of using qrLogin on PHP.


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